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A Can of Tomatoes and the Sovereignty of God

I had heard that a storm was coming – like another one we already had. I had been thinking about the tomato soup at Atlanta Bread Company, and with a storm coming, it seemed like a good time to try out the recipe that was said to be very much like theirs.

Only a couple of things on my list, enough to just put on the ‘seat’ of the cart. Looking forward to the completion of this tasty task.

All of a sudden, all I could feel was pain. The huge can of tomatoes had slipped through the leg holes on the seat, and landed just behind my right toe. Barely able to stand, I tried to keep my tears inside, attempting to stay standing while leaning on my cart.

No one saw the can fall. No one was in the aisle at the time of the impact. Did anyone care?

And then, I got a little upset with God. If He makes the sun rise and set every day, was He in charge of that can?  Why did that can have to fall just at the time that my foot was taking the next step on the mission that I had set out to accomplish? Couldn’t the can have just slipped off to the side – – I mean, why did it have to hit my toe? And why did it have to hurt so bad? And why was no one there to see if I was ok?

Psalm 37:23 says that “the steps of a good man (lady) are ordered by the Lord.”   What??!! Did that mean that God knew about the can?  Did He know whether my toe was broken or not (it wasn’t)?  Did He know how much it hurt?

It seemed as though God wrapped His arms around me and said, “I saw the can fall. I was in the aisle when it hit. I do care – more than you can ask or think.”

He is a good God – even when it hurts.



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11 thoughts on “A Can of Tomatoes and the Sovereignty of God

  1. Esther Bell on said:

    Could you get your shoes on in the morning? I bet that did hurt.

    ESTHER “Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not, for of such is the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:14 KJV)

  2. Surprisingly, I was able to wear my shoes the next day – for which I was grateful.

  3. The devil is always looking for ways to make us question, to make us doubt God. Satan isn’t all that easy to see since it’s often things that seem random…like your can of tomatoes. If we doubt, Satan wins a victory. Did Satan or one of his minions toss that can on your toe? I have no idea. The point is, you clung to God’s faithfulness in spite of it. Satan loses. In my life, Satan uses “shiny things”, things that look good on the outside but are corrupting inside, a distraction from the path God has for me. Satan’s lies are smooth and well practiced. They often sound quite reasonable. Nowhere will you find it said that Satan is stupid. I’m in the word EVERY day now that I’m in Saudi Arabia. I have to start me day with God’s truth to survive spiritually. The good news is…it’s never a burden.

  4. Ouch! I guess your toe was not broken but sure it felt like it. One of our kids was walking across a street when we lived in Taipei. They were holding a can of pineapple.They were running. Fell down, the can it their chin and I forgot how many stitches they had. Ug. I am glad that God is always with us and takes care of us. i am glad you didn’t get mad and throw the can of tomatoes are anything. God bless you. We know you are blessing many.Love in Christ, Bev.

    • My heart hurt just thinking about falling on that can of pineapple!! Sympathy pains! No, I didn’t get too mad, at least not for long. God is always there, even when our story involves cans that cause us pain. Thank you, sweet Bev, for the way you bless so many, too. You are a treasure.

  5. Lynda Doty on said:

    It is easy to think God isn’t watching or worse yet He planed the whole thing!! I know my dark heart and my selfish self so it is easy to think this was a lesson or a test or what if it was punishment for my bad thoughts!!!??? So then I go to John 16:33 You will have trouble in this world…… But I don’t want to have trouble! Still He told me I would so hang on to His hand and His word when I doubt His love and protection. It is my soul that is in the palm of His hand not my (get this) foot!! I am glad your foot or toe was not broken I sure know how that hurts and I remember I just let the tears roll. So God blessed you greatly even in the hurting time.

    • God does have us in the palm of His hand. I’m so thankful for that. He has big Daddy hands. When I see a man walking with his little child’s hand in his, it helps me to see how God holds on to us. I’m thankful it wasn’t broken, too.

  6. OUCH!!! thank you Jesus. Always there. And Marilyn He was your first thought! Hallelujah Jesus. We are Your first thought and I am thankful we are always on Your Mind cuz I sure don’t know where I would be without You. Marilyn, I thank God for you.

  7. Thanks Marilyn for your “mussings” Always enjoy reading about your “mission fields!” Your mom and dad and brother David are great examples of having hearts of God for missions – and You too! Thank you for allowing the Lord to keep proving Himself faithful – because he is!! Am so glad your toe wasn’t broken either; what valuable lessons God teaches us from the simple things(-: God bless you richly and warm your heart with His loving embrace.

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