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Springtime Spills into New Beginnings



I have been out of the country for the last three springtimes.  I was reminded this morning on my way to work how beautiful changing seasons can be.  I was impressed by trees framed with a halo of red from new buds.   I heard birds singing songs I had forgotten.  My heart was so full, it spilled out of my eyes!


Springtime – synonymous with new beginnings.  This year is a new beginning for me, now that I am back in the United States again.  I miss my friends in Taiwan a lot – sometimes so much it spills out of my eyes.  But, I know that for this chapter, I am to be here in America – in Northwest Arkansas.  I’m thankful.

New beginnings – what will start this year in a new way for me?  I know that God has given me so much this year – many new things.  I want to ask Him to help me to see with new eyes this year.    Each day is a gift.  Each person is a treasure.   Change, although at times challenging, can result in growth for our good.  I don’t want to become accustomed to people, things, and changes around me.


What has this season brought for you?  I would enjoy hearing about some of your new beginnings.


  • The spring and fall equinoxes are the only two times during the year when the sun rises due east and sets due west,

Time Change Sunday

It was a few years ago that my eldest daughter had been called up for active duty in Afghanistan.  Her unit was leaving on the Sunday when time changed.  Here are my thoughts and feelings on that day.


Time Change Sunday

Spring ahead – lose an hour

Not enough sleep

Spending time together

Not sure when the next opportunity will be.

Be at the base by 6:30 a.m.

No, that has changed

Will send a message

With the new time.

Text says to be there at 14:00

I wonder . . . what if they decided

To leave early

Would you be left behind?

Trip to the base to drop you off

Will be back

To wait with you until

It’s time for you to leave.

But the time has changed

Now it is at 18:00

So we play Phase 10

Good way to pass the time.


Halfway through the game

Time to head to the airport

The busses have arrived

Time for soldiers to board.

Head to the airport

To get some food first

There’s what – a parade??

Through town??


Waiting with anticipation

There they are!

Lights flashing

Motorcycles with flags flying.


Cars, trucks, motorcycles

Riding with lights blinking

To signify the importance

Of this incredibly long train.

This entourage continues

Slowly carrying precious cargo

Our own – on to the next stop

Fulfilling their duty to our country.


Traffic comes to a halt

To honor the troops riding to the airport

My daughter is on that bus

My heart is full, my eyes full of tears.

Busses, bikes, cars

File into the airport

Overtaken by family and friends

It’s just us and our soldiers.


Families standing together

Couples holding each other

Smiles, tears, laughter, silence

Today is time change, for sure.


The plane arrives

A long time coming, and yet…

Did it have to come so soon?

Shouldn’t it be an hour later?

The troops line up

Ready to make the final trip

Up the ramp – ready to leave

Today our time has changed.


What does the future hold?

What changes in the lives

Of each of these soldiers

Lord God, You know.

Thank You that our times

Are in Your hands

You are the One Who makes

All things new.



Thank You that on this day

We can trust You

With every time change

In the lives of our soldiers.

                    -Marilyn Hodgin, March 23, 2010


Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Coming back to America – able to see my family, friends, and special places.  What a welcome change.  It was time for me to come back – but it certainly did not make it any easier to leave my ‘home away from home’ in Taiwan, and all the friends I have there.

I have been asked by a friend here in America to continue to write as I did while I was gone.  My first thought was that I don’t have anything to write about here while I’m home.  But, I do.  So, just to invite you to my new blog where I’ll purpose to write once a month, at least, as I was doing while I was out of the country, and living in Taiwan.

Change – not always what we welcome, that’s for sure.  So much has changed since I lived here before.  I’m not sure who has changed most – or if per chance it has been change for all of us, even though in different ways.

Food – it is different here.  I miss buying food at the market – fresh fruits and vegetables, and good bread from Michael, the bread man.  I miss seeing those faces in the market.

Temperature – I had ice on the car two or three times already.  Haven’t had to deal with that in three years.  Actually, I haven’t had to deal with cars for three years – I walked.  I need to do that more – the walking part.

Clothes – well, the only change is in the number of layers I can wear here.  It has provided a lot of fun mixing and matching my outfits.  Pieces from my specialty stores (consignment stores and thrift stores), from Taiwan, and things I’ve had for years.  Mixing and matching accessories has been fun, too.  I’m enjoying that.

Communication – I’m thankful to be able to share with people here at a level that was not readily available in Taiwan.  I do know that I wanted to talk with so many people in Douliu – to ask them about their life’s story, to hear their heart.  I want them to know I missed being able to do that so that our relationships could even be deeper.

Work – still working, but in a different capacity.  My title is community service representative – I represent Home Instead Senior Care to the community.  This job has provided me with opportunities to meet people I would otherwise never have met.  I’m enjoying it.  It has even included some opportunities to teach – a passion that will be mine for as long as I’m able to share what I’ve  just learned.  I’m thankful for work.

Hope – that hasn’t changed.  Every year that I was in Taiwan, God gave me a word to study.  Last year (and I’m referring to school year calendar), my word was hope.  I haven’t been able to get another one yet, so I’m thinking there is still more I’m supposed to learn about hope.

Change – a lot has changed.  This list is just touching the surface.  But I don’t want to stop changing.  It goes along with hope.  There is too much to look forward to for me to stop changing.  I want to be different tomorrow than I am today, and I want it to be for the better.  Will you join with me in this venture called life – let’s keep changing, becoming more of the person we were designed to be.  We were created by the Master Designer, and He made us to be like Him – it says, “in His image”.  You are an incredible masterpiece.

And by the way, if you can tell me, I would enjoy hearing your story, to hear your heart, to see the changes you have gone through.

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