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Do you remember?

Last month, our country celebrated Memorial Day – a day to remember.


When you think of memories, what comes to mind first?

I have been doing a presentation with some senior citizens dealing with brain exercises = and it incorporates all five senses.  The sense that I focus on the most is sight – I have pictures of things from years gone by.  Like a picture of JFK (John F. Kennedy), the man on the moon, a Sears Christmas catalog, a wringer washing machine, the football team, a summer garden, and many more.  Good pictures for prompting memories from days gone by.

A while ago, one of my granddaughters came over for a visit.  She has some favorite singers and was showing me some of their videos on youtube.  One of them, Mike Donehey from Tenth Avenue North, was talking about remembering as it relates to God.  The video is talking about remembering, or forgetting.  He says that God is not like an elephant because elephants don’t forget.  It’s worth watching.  You can check it out here –











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